independent living

Making the Transition to Independent or Assisted Living

Even when an elderly person has chosen to move to an independent living community and is looking forward to it, there are still likely to be some moments of sadness about leaving the previous home behind. Especially if this individual has been living in the same house or apartment for many years, moving out can lead to some feelings of emotional pain. During the initial weeks of adjusting to the new place, this senior citizen shouldn't feel shy about discussing those feelings with adult children, other relatives and close friends. Talking about the situation can help lift the person's mood and ease the transition to the new environment. It's important to remember that even younger adults commonly feel stressed and anxious when they move to a different place. This is a normal part of human emotion.

Bringing along the possessions that mean the most is important. Often, moving to an apartment in a senior community means having to downsize from a bigger place. If the person feels distraught about having to give up certain things, perhaps a family member could keep those belongings so they don't have to be sold or donated to a thrift shop.

This tends to be an even bigger issue when someone must move to a community for assisted living florida cities have available. The individual is admitting that he or she can no longer live independently and needs some help with aspects such as personal hygiene, mobility and meal preparation. In some cases, the person has protested the move, but the adult children know their parent can no longer live independently.

Fortunately, a community such as SunTowers offers so many amenities that new residents quickly feel at home. They are likely to enjoy features of this community that they didn't have immediate access to in their previous place of residence. They can have three meals prepared for them each day, receive weekly assistance with housekeeping, and have a large variety of activities in which to participate. The chance to make new friends while still staying in regular contact with the people they already care about is appealing to most seniors, especially those who had been feeling a little isolated until now.